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We audit your website in depth, enabling us to know what actions are necessary to improve your website’s online visibility.

No Long Term Contracts

We are so confident in our SEO service we do not require long term contracts. You are billed on a month to month basis and can cancel at anytime.

Proven Results

Our clients stay with us because of the results we provide time and time again.

SEO Agency In San Diego

A strong online presence is critical in today's marketing and business strategies. Search engine optimization ("SEO") performs a critical role in acquiring new clients and ensuring a business can be easily found in the search engines. SEO lays a strong online marketing foundation by allowing a business' website to appear in organic search results relevant to its industry.

The Internet is becoming increasingly competitive and getting your business found in the search engines is becoming more and more difficult. However, for those that can outrank their competitors, the results are extremely rewarding. There are many SEO companies that claim they can help you accomplish this but few will deliver. At Bench Technologies we have the experience and results to confidently say we can make your SEO campaign successful.

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SEO Agency San Diego

Our SEO Process

Our SEO Service focuses on long lasting, meaningful results. We research your industry, understand your competition, and act accordingly to help you achieve results that will increase website traffic, drive sales, and bring new customers to your business.

Step 1: SEO Audit & Campaign Planning

We Start By Performing An In-depth SEO Audit Of Your Site And Forming A Plan That Will Make Your SEO Campaign Successful.

Customized Solutions

We understand that no 2 SEO campaigns are the same. The plan we build for your SEO campaign is completely customized for you and your business.

Keyword Research

We will analyze your industry and competitors to research the keywords that will be most beneficial to your business.

SEO Services San Diego
SEO Agency San Diego

Step 2: On Page Optimization

Next, We Will Use Advanced Analytical Software To Find What Aspects Of Your Website Need To Be Optimized For The Search Engines.

Optimize & Generate

Comparing your website with your competitors, we will optimize meta tags, page headings, alt tags, and other HTML elements for your keywords. We will also generate 2 very important files for your website: an XML sitemap and a Robots.txt file. These files will help the search engines better index your site.

Improve Load Times

Google, Yahoo, and Bing like fast loading websites. If your website suffers from slow load times we will move your CSS, images, and Javascript to our high speed server. This will help your site load faster, give your viewers a better experience, and make your site more favorable by the search engines.

Step 3: Link Building

Link Building Is An Essential Part Of The SEO Process. We Will Create A High Quality, Diverse Link Portfolio That Will Supercharge Your Campaign.

SEO Infrastructure

To outrank your competitors your website needs powerful, high quality links. To generate these high power links your SEO campaign will be integrated into our enterprise grade SEO infrastructure.

No Spam Links

Many SEO companies will produce low quality forum, blog comment, and guestbook links. Created in excess, these links can get your website banned from Google. The links we create for your campaign only come from high quality sources related to your industry.

SEO Agency In San Diego

Harness The Power Of Our SEO Infrastructure

Our Proprietary, Enterprise Grade SEO Infrastructure Will Help Your Campaign Achieve Amazing Results.

One of the things that separates Bench Technologies from the rest of SEO agencies is our investment in technology. For our SEO clients we've built a state-of-the-art SEO platform that is completely proprietary to our company. Combining traditional SEO with effective content strategy, our infrastructure allows us to distribute high quality content for your SEO campaign with scale and efficiency.

Powerful Link Building

The content we distribute for your campaign will generate high power, contextual backlinks to your website from relevant sources. While on-page optimization is a crucial part of any successful SEO campaign, powerful backlinks are what will really help your website surpass your competitors in the search results.

Fine Tuned

We've spent over 3 years developing and fine tuning our infrastructure. There are no ambiguities in our platform, only tried and tested methods that have proven themselves time and time again.

Safe And Future Proof

Our infrastructure has been through Google's Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird algorithm updates. All our clients have continued to rank high in the search engines, in-fact, many have seen higher rankings. Why is that? Because we play by the rules and only use search engine approved methods!

SEO Agency San Diego

Step 4: Continued Maintenance

We Don't "Set & Forget" Your SEO Campaign. Continued Maintenance Will Ensure Your Website Continues To Rank.

Stay Up To Date

The SEO world is constantly changing. What ranks your website today may not be as effective 6 months from now. New tactics arise, old tactics become outdated. With our SEO service you can rest assured knowing we will be constantly integrating the latest techniques into your campaign.

Have A Question?

Bench Technologies strives to offer an unparalleled customer experience. Have a question about your campaign? Give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions. And never, EVER, will you have to push 1 to get to 2!