Bench Technologies

A Commitment To Excellence

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Bench Technologies is simple: provide services to our customers that combine advanced technology with excellent customer service. Technology is the core of any successful business and we want to provide our customers with the tools and ability to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. We also want to offer our clients an unparalleled customer experience. From customer service to campaign results, we want our clients to feel they are working with the very best.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bench Technologies is to provide our clients with amazing results and first-class customer service. Internet marketing companies can sometimes come off as used car salesmen. They promise you the moon and stars in return for outrageous fees, lengthly contracts, and poor customer service. We want to change all that. We want every one of our customers to have complete trust in us and feel they are getting the highest quality service possible.

Senior Management

Steve Bench
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Michael Bench
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder